Crochet Amigurumi Large Panda Bear


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I had a family member request that I create a crochet panda bear for them as a gift for a high school graduate.  This is how “Bai Yun (White Cloud)” the crochet graduate Panda was born! I named her after the real panda that lived at the San Diego Zoo before going home to China.

For those that want to name their own crochet Panda and print a diploma, here is the FREE PDF download:

Free printable diploma

There will be 5 parts to the video tutorials:

Part 1 to Part 3 YouTube video tutorials will show how to make your crochet large amigurumi Panda Bear.

Part 4 YouTube video tutorial will show how to crochet the graduation cap and gown.

Part 5 YouTube video tutorial will show how to make the crochet bamboo leaves.

Part 1 of 5 YouTube video tutorial:

Part 2 of 5  YouTube video tutorial:

Part 3 of 5 YouTube video tutorial:

If you are looking for the optional crochet dimple cover pattern that I used, I used the Lilla Bjorn Rozeta CAL Bonus pattern:


If you like the necklace that my crochet panda wore, you may like some of these optional choices (affiliate links):


Click the picture above, or here, to go directly to the affiliate link. Prime eligible!

If you want .925 sterling silver, and/or different sayings to choose from, and Prime eligible then you can click here, or the picture below to go directly to the affiliate link:


The part 4 YouTube video tutorial for the crochet graduation cap and gown:

Crochet Panda Part 5 of 5 Bamboo Leaves DIY Video tutorial:

5 thoughts on “Crochet Amigurumi Large Panda Bear”

    1. Hi Dittobabes! I am sorry but I don’t have a written pattern for my crochet large panda at this time. I only have the step-by-step FREE YouTube video tutorial at this time. I don’t have plans to write the pattern in the immediate future.


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