Tunisian Crochet Australian Wildlife Sanctuary and Zoo Animals Mystery Graphghan


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Marlene M. is a Helenmay Crochet Special Donor Member for the year 2020 and she is participating in my random free giveaway for the year 2020. Part of my giveaway for this year is a crochet design request. Marlene requested an Australian Wildlife Tunisian Crochet Graphghan. Since I finished myTunisian Crochet Under The Sea Mystery CAL for the year 2020, I decided to start the Australian Wildlife Sanctuary and Zoo Animals Tunisian Crochet Mystery Graphghan (Start date 10Jul20). Before you get started, here is some information for you:

For those that want to practice with a Tunisian Crochet dish towel and/or soap saver first, you may like this YouTube video tutorial: Tunisian Crochet Simple Beginner Dish Towel and/or soap saver

People who have been following my crochet work know how much I love Tunisian Crochet for my Graphghans! I want to share that love with others. So far, I have completed 4 Tunisian Crochet graphghans: Minecraft, Guardians of the Galaxy,  Wizard of Oz, and the Under the Sea! I had tons of fun making each one, and each one is treasured by the recipient! I can’t put a price on them because they are priceless.  Each Tunisian Crochet graphghan that I have ever made was for family.  This is the first graphghan that will be made for myself.

I made a YouTube video tutorial to help get you started with the Australian Wildlife Sanctuary and Zoo Animals Tunisian Koala block:




I will post the free PDF graphs as soon as I complete them. I like to make the graphs 40 x 40, but for this graphghan I decided to Tunisian crochet panels 40 x 80, but the graphs will still be 40 x 40.


Here are the first 4 free PDF graphs for the Koala:

Australia Wildlife Koala block#1

Koala Wildlife block#2

Koala Block#3 Austrailan Wildlife

Koala Block#4 Australia Wildlife


Here are 2 of the kangaroo blocks that I have finished in the picture above:

kangaroo block#5 Australian Wildlife

Kangaroo Block#6 Australian Wildlife




This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are the last 2 kangaroo block graphs:

Kangaroo Block #7 Australian Wildlife

Kangaroo Block #8 Australian Wildlife




This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I completed half of the Tunisian Crochet Emu blocks 1-4. The Emu will take up a total of 8 blocks! I think that my Emu turned out adorably cute. I just have to finish the other half. Here are the first 4 blocks for my Emu:

Emu Block #1 Australian Wildlife

Emu Block #2 Australian Wildlife

Emu Block #3 Australian Wildlife

Emu block #4 Australian Wildlife


Here are the last 4 blocks for the Tunisian Crochet Emu blocks:

Emu block#5 Australian Wildlife

Emu block#6 Australian Wildlife

Emu Block #7 Australian Wildlife

Emu block#8 Australian Wildlife

The crocodile was a lot of fun to make and I think that it turned out adorably cute! I completed half for now:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Crocodile Block#1 Australian Wildlife

Crocodile Block#3 Australian Wildlife

Here is the other half of the crocodile:


Crocodile Block #2 Australian Wildlife

Crocodile Block#4 Australian Wildlife

Now, attach the Crocodile blocks just above the Kangaroo blocks:


Next, attach the Emu blocks to the alligator and kangaroo blocks as shown in the picture below:


Twin red pandas were born at the Australia zoo on 2Dec2019, but they are not native to Australia. I really love how my Tunisian Crochet Red Panda blocks turned out!!! I have finished the first 2 blocks:




This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Red Panda Block#1 Australian Wildlife

Red Panda Block#3 Australian Wildlife

Here are the rest of the Red Panda blocks:


Red Panda Block#2 Australian Wildlife

Red Panda Block#4 Australian Wildlife

Now you are ready to Tunisian Crochet the Red Panda blocks in place, which is next to the crocodile blocks and above the panda blocks. Use the picture below as a guide:


For me, attaching the top blocks to the bottom blocks is the most difficult to Tunisian Crochet.  Here is a close up of my finished seam:

sewn seam

If your blocks last row shows through parts of the finished seam, then you can make one more Tunisian Crochet row just under your previous seam. I had it happen to mine, but after I Tunisian crocheted under the seam, it came out nicely (As shown in the picture above).

I am now finished with the bottom and middle row. I only have the top row left, which will consist of 3 more 4 blocks. The next 4 blocks will be revealed when I am finished with it.


The next 2 blocks are half of my Sugar Glider! I love how it is turning out!  The picture doesn’t really bring out the smile, but the smile is adorably cute.


Did you know that the Sugar Glider gets it’s name because of  its insatiable appetite for all things sweet!  Too cute!

Here are the first 2 blocks for the Sugar Glider:

Sugar Glider Block#1 Australian Wildlife

Sugar Glider Block#3 Australian Wildlife


I am really happy with how my Sugar Glider blocks turned out! Too cute!

Here are the next 2 blocks for the Sugar Glider:

Sugar Glider Block#2 Australian Wildlife

Sugar Glider Block#4 Australian Wildlife

My next character is the adorable Platypus:


Here are the free PDF downloadable graphs for the Tunisian Crochet Platypus blocks:

Platypus Block#1 Australian Wildlife

Platypus Block#2 Australian Wildlife

Platypus Block#3 Australian Wildlife

Platypus Block#4 Australian Wildlife

For my last character, I chose the echidna (ee-kid-nuh).  “There are four species of echidnas, which are found in Australia and New Guinea and are related to the platypus.”  Also, did you know that the baby echidna is called a Puggle?  “Soft and leathery, an echidna egg is about the size of a dime.”


Here are your free PDF downloadable graphs for the echidna:

Echidna Block#1 Australian Wildlife

Echidna Block#2Australian Wildlife

Echidna Block#3 Australian Wildlife

Echidna Block#4 Australian Wildlife

Here is what mine looks like after Tunisian crocheting all of the blocks together:


Now, you are ready to attach the backing. I show how to do this with my Tunisian Crochet Under The Sea Graphghan.

Happy Crocheting everyone! Completed 18Aug20.

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  1. I have tried numerous times on facebook for the Wizard of Oz blanket and Guardians and cannot seem to be able to download.
    Are these free or paid patterns. Maybe you could send me a quick email of the two. Otherwise how do I go about getting them.
    It says private; Do I pY monthly fee

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