The Magic Circle

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If you have watched some of my Crochet Amigurumi, Crochet hats, or Crochet bags etc… on my YouTube video tutorials, then you have noticed that I love to use the magic circle.

You may see the magic circle also referred to as the magic ring, or magic loop. Why is it called magic? The reason is that you can easily close the center of the circle. Some alternate crochet methods that try to achieve the same look, may leave an opening in the center of the circle. The magic circle easily eliminates any hole that remains in the center.


I love the chart above, because you can see the look, or shape, that you will create with different stitch counts. I may start using this same chart more for my crochet projects. For those that have used my YouTube video tutorials, you may notice that I tend to start my magic circle with 6 single crochet stitches. You also may have noticed that the stitch count is always predictable as well. For example, my next increase rounds (Increasing the number of stitches in each round) will always increase by 6 stitches, or a multiple of 6.

What does the above chart mean, and how do I read it?

 Starting from the far left, you will see that the first couple of boxes have a 1 and an 8. The first number (In this case is 1) represents the round. The second number (In this case is 8) represents the stitch count. This means that for the first round of your magic circle, you are going to place 8 stitches (I will just say single crochet (sc)). Now you are ready for the 2nd increase round. If you look at the second set of boxes, you will see a 2 and a 16. Normally, the second increase round is 2sc in each st around, which will give you a stitch count of 16. The next set of boxes is 3 and 24. The 3rd increase round, is usually 1sc in 1 st, and then 2sc in the second st, repeating this pattern all the way around for 1 round. Using the chart above, you will already know that this will give you a stitch count of 24. Why would this be important for you? It is a way of double checking your crochet work, and you will know why you are getting a particular shape (conical vs flat) as you crochet.


Any crocheter knows that there is a lot of counting with crochet, and you would be amazed at how important Math can be in the art of crochet. You will discover this more as you gain more experience as a crocheter. I have provided a stitch count cheat sheet for free download that may be helpful for you during future crochet projects.

Free PDF download:  Stitch Count Cheat Sheet



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