Granny Square Series. So Many Granny Square Designs to choose from!! Check back periodically for new designs.

#1 Design Measures 7 inches x 7 inches.


#2 is a Granny Square 4 leaf clover design that measures 10 inches x 10 inches20180307_124928

I also made this #2 Granny Square 4 leaf clover design in this color:


If you like the way the above picture looks, I started with a magic circle instead. If you want to learn how to make the magic circle, here is the link to the video tutorial: Practice video tutorial for the magic circle.  If you would like to learn more about what the magic circle is, here is the direct blog link: All about the magic circle.

The yarn that I chose was Hobby Lobby’s “I Love This Cotton Yarn” light green color and one of my new favorite Hobby Lobby yarns Yarn Bee Fresh Haven 100% Tencel yarn! I used the beige-colored yarn for my alternate color.

You can make a granny square afghan out of these beautiful finished squares and/or kitchen hot pads!! They make wonderful gifts! To check out more of my fun crochet hot pad/ potholders, here is the direct blog link: Helenmay Crochet kitchen Hot Pad Potholder Dresses

Welcome to my Granny Square Series! Our first Granny Square will, of course, be the Classic Design. I have added a few crochet granny squares that are mine, but as I started this crochet granny square series, I was finding amazing and FREE crochet Granny square PDF downloads! All of the following crochet granny square PDF downloads were free when the links were added to this blog post. ENJOY!!!

Remember Crochet Hook size, and yarn choice will change the size of your Granny Square.

If you have your own completed crochet granny square work, please share a picture with me on Facebook!

From Wikipedia:  Wikipedia Granny Square link.

“Although particular color and pattern schemes for granny squares change with time, this class of motif is a staple among crocheters. Multicolor granny squares are an effective way to use up small amounts of yarn leftover from other projects and basic granny square motifs do not require advanced skills to execute.”

“Any granny square begins with a small loop of chain stitches. Basic granny squares alternate sets of double stitches and chain stitches. Variant patterns use different stitch types or produce other geometric shapes such as hexagons. In order to achieve a distinct angle at the corners, the designer uses extra chain stitches.  Subsequent rounds are added by wrapping multiple stitches around the existing chain stitches. Hundreds of variant motifs are in use and entire books have been devoted to granny square designs.

I made a PDF version of the picture that I like to carry around with me, when I am deciding what colors I want to use for the Granny Squares that I am making for my Afghan. The other PDF download shows you an example of a gorgeous afghan that uses different sized Granny Squares to complete it. It is not mine, but I would love to have it! They are free for you to download:

Classic Granny Square different color schemes


Different Sized Granny Squares for Afghan

#1 Classic Granny Square



5May 2015: I made this You Tube video tutorial for the Classic Granny Square when “Yarnspirations” was collecting Granny Squares from people. There were a lot of free patterns, at the time, that they gave for people to use when making their Granny Squares. I shared some of the gorgeous color schemes in my video. This was also the only video tutorial where I actually ranted a little bit, and rightfully so! I just came to realize that it is an unfortunate part of creating, and it is now a tiny battle that I “rarely” have to fight behind the scenes. I haven’t had the same problem since the episode. Thank goodness because now YouTube has a new copyright detection which is amazing!


There are many different ways to crochet your Granny Squares together, and I may come back to this at some point in the future. If I do, you will see it here and on YouTube. For now, I like to sew my Granny Squares together. If you would like to see how I do it, here is the video tutorial:

If you love the crochet granny square, then you will have fun with this crochet blanket! Here is the direct link: Crochet Couverture Blanket

Now, for the second design in my Granny Square Series:

#2 Clover or Heart Granny Square



#3 Crochet “Not Centered” Granny Square

Granny Squares Design #3 Not Centered


#4 Crochet African Flower Granny Square Design

Granny Square Design #4 African Flower


#5 Crochet Granny Square Daisy Design:

This video tutorial shows how to make the Granny Square design into a Kitchen

Hot Pad/Potholder. I also show a quick and easy way to add beads to the recipe holder that goes with the Hot Pad. You may like the recipe I added towards the end of the video tutorial. I love to add recipes to most of my crochet kitchen YouTube video tutorials. Enjoy!


Design #6: Julie’s Crochet Beautiful Butterfly Granny Square for Charity 2018.

Design #7 Crochet Beautiful Flower Granny Square. You can place any crochet flower that you want on this Granny Square. To see more flowers to choose from, here is the direct link: Crochet Flower Design Series Blog Post.

#8 Crochet Vintage Blooming Rose Tea Granny Square Hotpad Potholder with recipes!!! Here is the direct Ravelry link for your free PDF download for the written pattern: Crochet Vintage Blooming Rose Tea Granny Square PDF Written PatternHere is the direct link to the blog post, if you would like the free PDF download for the recipes: Fun, delicious, recipes and more!!!

#9 Bargello Crochet Afghan Block


You are going to love the above Crochet Granny Square!!! Crochet by Ellej shows in detail how to use the Bargello Crochet technique to make the gorgeous crochet granny square above. At first glance, it may not seem that difficult to make, but there is a lot more going on with creating this masterpiece! This crochet granny square technique will have all your crochet friends begging you for the crochet pattern, and it is free! This technique is definitely in my favorites files! Her pictorials are awesome! For beginners, I recommend saving this beauty in your favorites files. After you have completed some easier granny squares, I would then attempt this beauty. I tried to go directly to, but my computer wouldn’t allow it. My computer security kept blocking it. “All Free Crochet” has posted the free links and attributed the crochet instructor “By: Elena Kozhukhar.” Elena did an outstanding job showing us how to use the Bargello technique to make this gorgeous crochet granny square. Click the picture above, or click here to go to the free crochet pattern: Bargello Crochet Afghan block

Do you want to learn more about Bargello and what it means? Here is the direct link: Wikipedia article about Bargello.

#10.  Crochet Lady’s Fan Coverlet and Pillow

I was in the Facebook Group “Crochet Baby Blankets” when I saw this beautiful crochet pattern. Sineide was gracious enough to share the link with me. Click on the link above or the picture below if you would like to have the free written pattern. You have to scroll down until you see ” Download Lady’s Fan Coverlet and Pillow” in lavender bold lettering. I am not sure how long it will remain free. Last updated 19Aug19

Lady's Fan Coverlet and Pillow

The link works because I have already downloaded my copy for my favorites file. It is one of those beautiful crochet patterns that I will never know when I will get to it but I want the pattern just in case! Enjoy!

I don’t know how long some of the crochet pattern links will remain free. Hopefully, you will be able to save your free copy.

#11. Charlotte’s Dream Pattern Granny Square

Charlottes dream granny square

The Charlotte’s Dream Pattern link was shared with me by Facebook Group Crochet and Knitting Free Patterns! It is simply stunning!!!! I was able to access the link easily (No scam phishing cons!) I was able to access all 3 PDF downloads for free! I am not sure how long this gorgeous crochet pattern will be free (Last updated 27Nov18), so make sure to put this stunning beauty in your favorites file for later use. Here is the link trail that I followed:

  1. Facebook Group Crochet and Knitting Free Patterns messaged me the free pattern link.
  2. I clicked on the link and went to “CK Crafts online” web site. I scrolled down to after “Punctuation,” and you will see Charlottes Dream Pattern Links 1, 2, and 3.
  3. I clicked on each of the links and went to “Look at what I”  If you want the free PDF crochet written pattern, scroll down to the end where you will see “Happy Hooking, xxx Dedri.”  Immediately to the right, you will see “Print Friendly.” Click on that, and you will immediately go to the printable version. In the top left corner, you will see PDF. If the PDF written pattern is still free, you should be able to click on it and save it to your favorites file. Thank you Dedri for an absolutely stunning free crochet pattern!!!

#12 Esme’s Winter Cottage. I am not sure how long this will remain a free PDF download, but I was able to download it for free on 23Dec18. I would recommend saving it in your files, because it is a beauty.


I found the free PDF download in the bottom right hand corner after the blog post. Here is the direct link: Esme’s Winter Cottage Granny SquareEnjoy!

#13 Helen Shrimpton Spiro Star Crochet Granny Square


I found the above free PDF download on Ravelry on 23Dec18. If it is still free, it is also a fun crochet granny square to add to your free PDF files. Here is the direct link: Helen Shrimpton Spiro Star Crochet Granny Square

#14. Denna by Polly Plum


Amazing right! Simply gorgeous! I would add this to your future crochet fun files while is remains free! I downloaded this free PDF on 23Dec18. Here is the direct Ravelry link: Denna Polly Plum Granny Square

#15. Le Vesinet Granny Square Designed by Sigrun Hugoey


I was able to download the free PDF file on 23Dec18. Here is the direct Ravelry link:

Le Vesinet Crochet Granny Square

#16. Rachel Block by Melissa Green


I was able to download my free PDF written pattern on 23Dec18.  Here is the direct Ravelry link: Crochet Rachel Granny Square Block

#17. Bavarian Beauty by Heather Gibbs


I was able to download my free PDF written pattern on 23Dec18. Here is the direct Ravelry link: Bavarian Beauty Granny Square

#18. “Fall Blossom” (September 2013sq) Crochet in Common/Designs on a Hook©2013 Multiple Designers: Aurora Suominen, Amy Carlson, Kathy Joelsen


I was able to download my Free PDF written pattern on 23Dec18. Here is the direct Ravelry link: Fall Blossom Crochet Granny Square

#19 Moroccan Window by Heather Gibbs


I was able to download my free PDF written pattern on 23Dec18. Here is the direct Ravelry link: Moroccan Window Crochet Granny Square

#20. Lise by Polly Plum


I was able to download my PDF written pattern for free on 23Dec18. Here is the direct Ravelry link: Lise by Polly Plum

#21. Rosary Hill Afghan CAL from the year 2016 sponsored partly by Red Heart Yarn.


Click on the picture above, or here, to go directly to the link. There are 3 different crochet granny squares that can be found for this gorgeous afghan.

#22. Magnolia Lace Crochet Granny Square by Kirsten Holloway:


Click on the picture above, or click here, to go directly to the link.

#23. The Great Granny Square Swap that occurred in the year 2010. These wonderful crocheters put together several free crochet granny square designs for everyone to enjoy!  Fast forward to the year 2019 and it is still available for free to everyone! Thankyou very much!  Happy Crocheting!


Click the picture above, or here to go to the direct link for your download. It was available for free on 2Jun2019.

#24 Lisa Hooper at “Cute Crochet Makes” started this free Crochet Unicorn Dreams Blanket CAL. To check it out, here is the direct blog link: Cute Crochet Makes Crochet Unicorn Dreams Granny Square Blanket CAL


#25 I never heard of Schachenmayr until someone mentioned the name in one of my Facebook Crochet Groups. They have a lot of free PDF crochet downloads on their site. They have a filter if you are looking for free PDF crochet written patterns. If you see that it is in a different language, you will notice that there is a button in the lower-left corner of the pattern where you can change the language to English. 🙂

Here is just one of the free PDF written patterns that I downloaded, but there were several others that I loved too:


#26. Eve’s Coverlet 12″ Squares. I first saw this crochet beauty in one of the Crochet Facebook Groups 19Aug19, and I was able to follow the link and download the beautiful PDF pattern for free:


27. Floral Bouquet Afghan by Joyce Nordstrom


28. The Last Rose of Summer by Jane Zane.


29. “Alphabetical” Granny Squares. What I love about this free crochet pattern it also gives a few pointers for filet crochet too! For some reason the “J” and the “Y” are missing, but you could easily graph them if you need to. Free as of 30Sept19

alphabetical granny squares.jpg

30. Dragonfly Delight Granny Square

dragonfly delight square.jpg

31.  Need help with more ways to graph the alphabet? You will love this link to a free PDF download. It gives all of the graphed letters in this pattern for a monogramed crochet Christmas stocking. Crochet Bernat Monogramed Christmas Stocking.


32. Need a good crochet pirate granny square? You are going to love this free PDF download link!! Caron Pirate Throw Granny Square.


33. Crochet Aunt Lydias Autumn Tones Tablerunner:


34. Crochet Refreshing Throw Granny Squares Design.


35. Victorian Lattice Square by Destany Wymore

Destany Wymore Victorian Lattice Square picture.jpg

36.  Crochet Granny Square Hooded Baby Jacket designed by Marion Schneider.

I used a 5.00mm crochet hook and made a crochet sweater sized for a 4 to 5y/o.

This crochet pattern is so quick and easy to make! It is also great for using up excess yarn! I want to follow the original pattern and make a baby-sized one too (Newborn to 3 months)!

If you want the crochet pattern, you can find it in the following leaflet, click here, or the picture below to go directly to the affiliate link.


For my pom-pom tie, I used a ch140 and then I crocheted into the back bump of the chain to make the pom-pom tie/cord.


I used dome-shaped flower buttons that I purchased at Joann’s Craft store (Non-affiliate), but you may like the buttons in the picture above. Click the picture above, or here, to go directly to the affiliate link.

37. The “Nomad by Fate” granny square by “Martin up North:”


38. Crochet Granny Square Imagine Pattern by Polly Plum:  On her blog, towards the bottom, there is a printer-friendly version for free as of 1/9/20.



39. I just love Deramores! I signed up to receive their emails and I love a lot of their free crochet patterns that they share! I wanted to add this link for the “Lisbon Tiles Blanket” by Anna Nikipirowicz because it shows how you can take what starts as a circle and turn it into an octagon:


40. Cheers Granny Square by Polly Plum. She has a free PDF download as of 9Feb20 on her site (Look for printer friendly button at the bottom of her blog post).


41. Merlin granny square by This little hook of mine:

Merlin by land

She also has several other free PDF downloadable Granny Squares:


Definitely check out some of her paid PDF Crochet Granny Square designs too!!

42. Helenmay Crochet Quick Easy Heart Granny Square:



43. Madux James Afghan Square


44. Draiguna Wispweave Square:


45.Natures Walk CAL by Sandra Paul


46. Crochet Crocodile Flower PDF Written Pattern by Joyce D. Lewis. This is a paid PDF written pattern.


47. Helenmay Crochet “X” marks the spot puff st, bobble st, popcorn st Granny Square


48. Northern Diamond Square by Torun Johansson.


If you love all of the great crochet patterns that I share with you, be sure to check out all of the different ways that you can become a

Helenmay Crochet Special Donor Member!!

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I hope that you enjoy all of the gorgeous designs from so many talented crochet art designers!!! I will continue to add my favorite crochet granny squares to this list. Last updated 3Jun20.

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