Mother’s Day Crochet 2018 Quick and Easy Gift Ideas!

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This site has all kinds of goodies you can add to your kitchen crochet items! Create your own gift basket with items from this site! Mother’s Day Kitchen Gift Ideas!


Simply stunning glassware! Add it with your favorite Crochet item for a unique and wonderful gift! Different designs to choose from and Prime eligible. Double check the price, but last I checked it was $20-$25 depending on the design.

You are going to love my latest addition to my Granny Square Designs! I wanted to add my latest design for a quick and easy Mother’s Day gift. Here is the direct link to the other Crochet Granny Square Designs.

Granny Square Design #5 the Crochet Daisy Granny Square:

20180411_155300.jpgI have a lot of fun packed into this YouTube video tutorial! You will learn:

  1. How to crochet the beautiful flower
  2. How to make the crochet flower into a granny square
  3. How to turn the granny square into a hot pad and/or potholder
  4. How to turn your crochet baby shower dress into a granny square using the same method.
  5. How to turn your crochet baby shower dress granny square into a recipe holder
  6. I show a very quick and easy method to attach beads to your crochet recipe holder. This same method can be used for small, or large, crochet gift bags. You can use this method when making the crochet dress for my crochet bed doll too. Here are the beads that I used to crochet with. These dolls would be adorable for a crochet bed dolls: Snow White, and Several different Princess dolls to choose from. 
  7. I show you how to make a surprise recipe for Mother’s Day at the end of the video tutorial. Some of you may already know that I like to put surprise recipes in some of my kitchen Hot Pad/ Potholder YouTube video tutorials.

Here is a free PDF download for the delicious recipe. This is my go-to recipe now for delicious and healthy pancakes:

Most Delicious Healthy Pancakes

I hope you liked the recipe that I included in my YouTube video tutorial, that recipe is now my go-to recipe every weekend. If you like the way I stored my flour (I do the same thing for my sugar and brown sugar etc), here are some similar plastic storage containers.

These are even better than mine: Plastic sugar and/or flour container

If you want to buy 2 at the same time: Plastic sugar and/or flour container

Here are some other great Mother’s Day Quick and Easy Crochet gift ideas:

A crochet Rose:


Here is the Crochet Double Cherry Blossom Flower:

This video tutorial will show how to attach a stem for your flower. I would recommend using green floral tape instead of wrapping the stem with yarn as shown in my video tutorial. I found that the green floral tape works amazingly well!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Of course, Crochet Kitchen Towel Toppers are always a favorite! I have a free written pattern for my crochet “Lifes a Hoot” kitchen towel toppers.

For the wine lover:

Crochet Coin purses are also a wonderful gift!

For the crochet and cat lovers:

If you like beads, this adorable crochet coin purse will be a hit. You may like to use the new method of attaching beads rather than the method I show in the video tutorial. Both methods are great, especially if you have smaller bead holes:



This site has all kinds of goodies you can add to your kitchen crochet items! Unique kitchen oils and vinegars as well as free recipes by Chef Mary! Create your own gift basket with items from this site! Mother’s Day Kitchen Gift Ideas!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Earthwoolfire has wonderful gifts for all of those mother’s that crochet! Here is a direct link to their site: Earthwoolfire Etsy Shop

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Pastiche Accessories has so many different unique designs to choose from and great gift ideas to go with your crochet work!


Furls Crochet Hooks has beautiful, and collectible, crochet hooks as well! They also give free crochet patterns to subscribers, and it is free to subscribe.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.  You are going to love the artists at Andecor!  So many beautiful art decor sculptures and clocks! They even had the adorable mirror cases too!!


I was asked about whether or not someone could wash one of my crochet dogs in the washing machine. So, I let them know that I would NOT recommend that. I learned about “Soak” liquid wash at one of the yarn stores. This is the soap that you want to use to clean your crochet projects or any delicate items like cashmere sweaters. They also would make wonderful Mother’s Day gifts!


This pre-shampoo product makes your hair feel silky smooth! I personally love it!


This product is wonderful for your own bathroom, guest bathroom, or traveling!!! It would make a funny, and useful gift! You can carry it in your purse too! When I first received this as a gift from someone else, I thought it was the funniest thing, and I have been carrying it with me ever since. Just recently, I went on an all girl’s trip, and we shared a hotel room. This toiletry is a must have! I had this product with me, and just left it in the bathroom for anybody to use if they needed it. The lavender version is my favorite. You can also click on the picture above.



This place has the cutest little girl handmade clothes! For Mother’s Day 2018, your children can draw their mother’s in their favorite outfit and write what they love most about her for a discount in their store. Go to their Facebook link for more details: Fiveloavestwofish clothing.


So many great crochet gift ideas! Go to Helenmay Crochet YouTube Channel for more YouTube video tutorials to choose from.

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