Top 5 Popular Crochet Hook Holder and Sewing Kit Handmade Designs

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I don’t have a fancy crochet hook holder case or crochet item at this time, but I plan on making one in the future on YouTube video tutorial. In the meantime, I am keeping a file of the different crochet hook holders that are out there on the internet. I have formulated a list of the top 5 popular Crochet Hook Designs that I have found on the web as well as their links.


Zhaya designs
  1. Crochet Crafter Granny

As of 5Apr18, I was able to get this crochet PDF written pattern for free from Zhaya designs. It is available for download in 7 different languages! She has some other crochet designs that you may like on the site as well.

by Earth Wool Fire

2. Earthwoolfire Fairy House Crochet Hook Holder

This person has several wonderful crochet hook designs that you should look at. I just chose the one that I would love to have.

by LadyWillow’s Treehouse

3. Recycled Crochet Hook Holders

There is a free PDF download that shows how you can make these wonderfully unique and collectible crochet hook holders. I will definitely have to start adding some to my crochet hook collection.


4. Handmade Sewing Kit

This is the one that I eventually want to make to go with my crochet hook holder set. Good luck finding this magazine! Natalie did a wonderful job showing all the details of this beautiful piece in Sewing Room Secrets.

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5. The pictures above are a bunch of inspirational designs that I think are unique and beautiful. I would love to incorporate something similar into my crochet hook holders/sewing kit designs. It may take me a while to get to mine, but in the meantime, you may like to use some of the ideas as inspiration as well.

After you make your beautiful handmade crochet hook/sewing kit holder, you need to fill it with crochet hooks, scissors, needles, needle holders etc… Some of the tools will be everyday use tools and some will be collectible. I plan on making a special handmade case for some of my collectibles. The following pictures are not in my set, but I wanted to show you some of the stunning vintage collectibles of the past:



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Here are some inspirational ideas for handmade holders:

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Have you ever heard of scissor fobs? I found this answer on Yahoo Answers:

“What you are speaking of sounds like a version of a chatelaine (for scissors and other sewing tools). You don’t see such things so often in the current era because our clothes have pockets, our sewing baskets have grown to cabinets, and most of us have double duty: we work at other activities besides the home arts.

Chatelaine refers to keeper of the keys & key with chain, but grew to mean more. Before garments had pockets, small, often-used items were hung from one’s waistband or belt. Chatelaines were highly used in the late 18th century. After a period of disuse, they reappeared in the 1870’s and very popular and in use in one form of the other until the turn of the century.

A fob is an adornment, whether practical or in-practical, that hangs from a waist chain. You might recognize the language from hearing “watch fob”, that is a decorative chain for a pocket watch.

So what is a scissors fob? Most of the time, it would be a decorative piece which hangs (by fiber or chain) from a pair of scissors. One could make it pinnable and use it as a pincushion or needle safe while sewing, but in the current era, mostly it’s an identifier (says, these are your scissors) and a decoration. ‘Tis a bit of history, creating your own makes it yours.

Decorative fobs are associated with much of the needle arts: scissors, wood bobbins for lacemaking, needle keepers for all kinds of stitchery, fobs for darning eggs, embroidery’s laying tools & thread sweepers.”

I love this variation of the scissor fob:

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You may like some of the great Amazon deals that I found for your handmade crochet hook holders/sewing kit designs: Wow-crochet-Deals blog post

I received my custom yarn bowl from Earthwoolfire today!

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I was impressed with how meticulously it was packed! It arrived in pristine condition! I am in love with all of the details and how it turned out! Thank you Earthwoolfire!!!!

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