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My go-to crochet baby blanket is the one that I would crochet when I needed a beautiful crochet baby blanket that was quick and easy to make. You can use any skein of soft baby yarn that you wanted to.  Some of my favorite yarns to use are:   Yarn choice #1 (prime eligible) I also love to use 2-3 skeins of Caron Simply Soft yarn (Prime eligible). Another good choice is this yarn choice #( The variegated colors are a lot of fun, and you have different colors to choose from), but make sure that you price around for the best deal.

Crochet Quick and Easy Beginner Elegant Baby Blanket:


Now, my most popular Crochet Baby Blanket is My Little Sweetpea Quick, Easy, Beginner Baby Blanket:


I love making this crochet baby blanket too, because once you know how to make the basic crochet stitches, you don’t need to use a video tutorial or written pattern to make it. The texture created by the crochet stitch makes an elegant baby blanket that looks difficult to make. On YouTube comments, Chris C said “Would you provide a little more info on the Bernat baby yarn that you used? I didn’t see baby sport like you show. How many yards were in skein? What thickness of yarn is it? Thank you!”

Here is an affiliate link and information about the yarn:  Bernat baby sport yarn.

  • Price is for 2 skeins of Bernat Baby Sport Big Ball Yarn Solids Baby White for a total of 2512 yards/37oz (2296 meters/700gr) crocheting yarn
  • Made from 100% acrylic (solids & ombres)
  • Light Weight #3; also referred to as DK, Double Knitting or Light Worsted weight knitting yarn

Here is an affiliate link for the yarn that I used for the baby blanket border: Beautiful border yarn

The crochet wallet in the video tutorial is a miniature version of the crochet baby blanket. The reason I made a miniature version is so that beginners could practice before attempting the larger crochet baby blanket. If you are already an experienced crocheter, just make a larger chain to make the baby blanket, instead of a crochet wallet.


My other very popular crochet baby blanket is my Crochet Precious Angel Baby Blanket Matching Set: Baby Blanket, Baby Dress, Baby shoes, and Baby Hat.


I have made multiple video tutorials for crochet baby blankets. You can visit my Helenmay Crochet YouTube Channel to find more beautiful crochet baby blanket designs.

I wanted to share one more crochet baby blanket that I designed specifically for beginners because it has multiple basic crochet stitches that are repetitive. It is also quick and easy to make:


In the above video tutorial, I also made a smaller miniature version for beginners to practice, before attempting the larger crochet baby blanket. I had a beginner contact me because she attempted the larger crochet baby blanket first, and had some difficulties. I made her this video tutorial to help:


It is a matching crochet baby security blanket, which is a miniature version of the larger crochet baby blanket. She loved it, and ended up making a gorgeous crochet baby blanket. In my video introduction, I explain about her and show a picture of her first baby blanket attempt.

If you are making your crochet baby blanket for a baby shower, you may love this link. I have a free written pattern for a baby shower dress favor too!

Crochet baby shower fun ideas

Please let me know if you have any great crochet baby and/or crochet baby shower ideas.




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