Christmas Crochet Heirlooms



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One of my favorite holidays is Christmas! One of my family member’s loves to decorate their house every year, and I love her Christmas Crochet ideas! When I make her the Christmas Crochet request, I always end up with a matching one for my Christmas decorations.

Do you need a good crochet Christmas Hat for family pictures? Here is the direct link:

Picture Perfect Crochet Christmas Hats

Here are some free downloadable PDF Christmas labels:

Christmas santa labels


Before she made her first request, this YouTube video shows what Crochet Christmas items I had for 2015:

These were my first crochet Christmas penguins that somebody requested:

Here are my favorite Christmas Crochet Penguins:

Then I started making crochet items for my family at christmas:

My family member loved the Christmas crochet items so much that they requested a Crochet Santa Clause, which is one of their favorite collections.

Of course, now I have a Crochet Santa Clause and Mrs. Santa Clause too!

In 2016, I decided to give a lot of my crochet toys to “Toys for Tots.” I ended up winning a very nice flat screen television because of it, which I wasn’t expecting. In this YouTube video, I show my “Toys for Tots” crochet craft table. The Marines loved my crochet Marine Bulldog!

I also made a new Christmas YouTube video for 2017 Christmas crochet ideas:


The next year, the same person asked for a Crochet Snowman.

I loved the finished crochet heirloom Snowman that I made that year, and my family member loved how I crocheted the lights in the snowman!! Yes, I said in the snowman! I no longer have free downloads available for Olaf. If you try to make your own Olaf, it should be for your own personal use.

If you like the lights that I used, here are some direct links:

Lights #1

Lights#2  Watch the price on this one. It was $14.99 when I posted it on 26Jul18. It is also prime eligible.


Christmas specific lights similar to the ones in my video tutorial


I bring out my crochet Santa Clause and Mrs. Clause as well as Olaf at Christmas time. This year, the request by my family member is for a reindeer. One of my YouTube Channel followers also requested a crochet elf. So, starting next month get ready for my crochet reindeer and crochet elf YouTube video tutorial. Of course, I will need a set of…

Go check out my Crochet Heirloom Christmas Elf CAL, I have some free PDF downloads too!

You may like my Crochet Amigurumi Reindeer,  too!


This year, I am going to be on the hunt for the perfect Christmas Pickle ornament for my Christmas tree. It will be a new Christmas tradition for us.

Here is an update regarding the Christmas Pickle! Claudia is one of my YouTube viewers, and she visited my Facebook page to let me know that the Christmas Pickle originating in Germany is a myth. She shared a link that explains the Christmas Pickle myth. If you would like to read more “truth” about the Christmas Pickle myth, here is the direct link:

The Christmas Pickle Myth

Here is a free PDF download for you, if you would still like to start your own Christmas Pickle tradition:

The Story of The Christmas Pickle


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