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Crochet Cute Amigurumi Dachshund Dog and Puppy Dog


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A family member of mine has been wanting me to make my crochet dachshund dog with a container for a long time now. I first made one years ago, but I never put it to YouTube video tutorial. I made them for my craft table, and a little girl fell in love with one of them. My family member also fell in love with them, and finally, I made a YouTube video tutorial for them. I made a separate video tutorial for the crochet cute Dachshund puppy dogs. There are paid written patterns for both the Dachshund dog and puppy dog. Here are the direct Ravelry Links:

Crochet Cute Amigurumi Dachshund Dog

Crochet Cute Amigurumi Daschund Puppy Dog

You may be interested in how/where to purchase some of the materials for my Dachshund Dogs:

Plastic container for the Dachshund Dogs

Plastic container for the Dachshund Puppy Dog

Pin style#1 for scarf

Pin style #2 for scarf

In the video tutorial, I show who I purchased my pin from.

Buy your pet hair clips in bulk for less than $10 (double check the price), and prime eligible!!!

50 pet hair clips less than $10

In the video tutorial, I show who I purchased my hair clips from, if you would like to make your own. I also show how to make, and place, a crochet bow on a hair clip.

I love the eyes that I used on my crochet Dachshund dogs. If you want only a few, go to 6060 eyes to purchase them.  If you want to buy the same eyes in bulk, here is the direct link:

bulk purchase safety doll eyes (prime eligible)

I made my crochet amigurumi squirrel “Chip” using the same safety eyes. If you would like to make “Chip,” here is the direct link: Crochet Amigurumi Squirrel

If you like the Polymer Clay Button Anime eyes and dog charms that I used on the Dachshund puppy dogs, here is the direct link to get your own: Pastiche Accessories

Crochet Cute Amigurumi Dachshund Dog Part 1 of 2 DIY Video Tutorial

Crochet Cute Amigurumi Dachshund Dog Part 2 of 2 DIY Video Tutorial


Crochet Cute Amigurumi Dachshund Puppy Dog DIY Video Tutorial

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you like the Googly eyes that I used with my crochet Dachshund puppy dog, here is the direct link: Button-like Googly Eyes (Prime eligible)


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