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Helenmay Crochet What are you Making Next?!?! Part 2, started 27Nov18


I have so many awesome crochet requests that I needed a way to focus my efforts. I now have Helenmay Crochet Special Donor Members.

You can also find the direct link to “Helenmay Crochet Special Donor Members” at the top of my blog’s HOME page. Special donor members receive special benefits, and one of those special benefits is making crochet requests to me. I am creating this blog post because I already have a couple of member crochet requests, and this page will help the members see where I am in my crochet projects, and how close I am to starting their request.  Please be aware that my plans could change, and the crochet order may be altered.  Nothing is set in stone.

  1. Custom Crochet work for Valerie. I met her at the “Magical Season” craft fair (I have a separate blog post for the Magical Season Craft fair, if you would like to read more about it). She requested a crocheted reindeer, crochet small Siberian husky dog, and a crochet Dachshund Puppy Dog. Completed. 9Dec18.
  2. I am currently working on my surprise amigurumi. I came up with the crochet design idea thanks to DeeAnn. DeeAnn approached me at my craft table at the  Magical Season Craft Fair.   Completed 12Dec18

DeeAnn said that she had this yarn that she purchased a long time ago to make this particular amigurumi hat, but she never got around to it. She wanted to know if I would make her a custom amigurumi hat for the same item, and that she would also provide me with the materials. I agreed to do it. As most of you know, I rarely do custom crochet work, but since I had a craft table, I decided to accept some custom crochet work. The reason why I don’t particularly like doing custom crochet work is that I don’t like being on a deadline. There are other reasons, but that is the primary reason.

So, DeeAnn returned to my craft table with the yarn, and we sat down at her laptop so she could show me images of what she wanted. I completed the crochet amigurumi hat for her, and I fell in love with the design. So, I decided to make a crochet amigurumi out of the design. I should be finished with the video tutorial and PDF written pattern sometime in December 2018.


3. Sarah, who is a special friend of a family member, requested a crochet tutorial for this beautiful crochet table cover:  Starting 12Dec18


4. A Helenmay Crochet Special Donor Member, Julie M., requested a crochet dog. I have already started looking at various images online trying to see what is already out there and trying to formulate how I would like this particular crochet dog to look like. I have decided to make this crochet dog a small to medium size. I will begin making the video tutorial and PDF written pattern after I finish the beautiful crochet table cover.

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5. Tunisian Crochet Wizard of Oz Afghan Free Crochet-along (CAL) starting 12Dec18. I am making the afghan for next years San Diego county fair, and the completed afghan will go to my family member when finished. I have already designed one of the 4 block graphs, which will include the scarecrow. I will create a video tutorial for the scarecrow, and I will show how I crocheted the pieces together to form one large block. As soon as I finish the video tutorials for YouTube, I will start the Free CAL. I will provide all subsequent graphs for free as I complete them, but they all won’t have video tutorials. The other graphs will be made the same way as my initial scarecrow block. So, you will not need video tutorials for all of the graphs. If you haven’t already subscribed to my blog, it is free to subscribe, and you will receive email notifications whenever I make a new blog post. Scroll down to the bottom of any blog post, and you will see the subscribe via email link. If you would like to see my other completed Tunisian Crochet Afghans, go to blog posts: Guardians of the Galaxy and Minecraft.


6. Helenmay Crochet Special Member Jodie R. made a Christmas Hot Pad request. I informed her that more than likely I won’t be able to complete this crochet request for this Christmas, but it will be complete before next year’s Christmas. I will NOT reveal what the request was for until it is complete. Sorry, I have to remain so mysterious, but if I reveal what it is now, you may start to see the same idea flood the crochet world. I will start this crochet project after my new crochet dog request is complete.


Well, that is it for now. I think that is enough to keep anyone busy..lol..

Last updated 12Dec18



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