Crochet Bootcuffs


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Donna contacted me via my blog and said:  “I am stuck w one of your boot cuff patterns. The lace stitch pattern ones. I’m making them for my daughter in law and she has large calves….I made it 60 stitches and ended up not right at the end. What is the stitch count on the pattern? It isn’t mentioned.
Thanks so much…and thank you for your wonderful blog and YouTube videos…”

I thought that I would write a blog post in case others need to resize their crochet boot cuffs. I only have 2 different styles for boot cuffs: My Crochet Heavenly Blessing Boot Cuffs and my Crochet Easy Beautiful Boot Cuffs.

I have a paid Ravelry PDF written pattern for my Crochet Heavenly Blessing Scarf Set:

Crochet Heavenly Blessing Scarf

Crochet Heavenly Blessing Hat

Crochet Heavenly Blessing Flip Mittens

Crochet Heavenly Blessing Boot Cuffs

If you would like to make the complete set for my Crochet Heavenly Blessing Scarf Set, here is the direct blog link:

Crochet Heavenly Blessing Scarf Set

Here is the free YouTube video tutorial for my Crochet Heavenly Blessing Matching Boot Cuffs.


At the top of my blog’s HOME page, you will see a link for free graphs. I have a free downloadable graph to help you size your crochet boot cuffs.

If you are making the Crochet Heavenly Blessing Boot Cuffs, your starting ch should be a multiple of 2. The Trinity st requires a multiple of 2. The cross st requires a multiple of 8, which isn’t always going to work, depending on the size of your boot cuffs. If you can make a multiple of 2, but not a multiple of 8, then you will just finish the cross st rounds with a portion of the cross st, and make as many full cross stitches as you can.


Crochet Easy Beautiful Bootcuffs Video tutorial:

The matching scarf is called the Crochet Easy Beautiful Infinity Scarf. Here is the YouTube video tutorial:

The matching Crochet Flip Mittens:

If you are increasing the size of this beautiful stitch, I would increase by a chain of 14. I did a small swatch with a chain of 14 and was able to fit 2 shells/fans. 🙂

This beautiful crochet stitch also has a crochet baby blanket:

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