Helenmay Crochet Hotpad Potholder Dresses



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You can purchase a bundle PDF written pattern for my Crochet Wine Potholder Dress, Crochet Fiesta Ripple Dress, and Crochet Ripple Dress with Flared bottom on Etsy for only $5.99. Here is the direct Etsy link: Etsy Crochet Potholder Dress PDF written pattern bundle for purchase

My very first YouTube video tutorial was for my Crochet Dress Potholder In November 2014 and people loved it!! At the time, I had just gotten back into crocheting. I met a very nice lady at one of my craft tables who loved my crochet work. She commissioned me to crochet items for her. One of the very first items that she wanted me to make for her, was one of these crochet dress potholders.  I had so much fun making it, that I decided to make it my first video tutorial. This was around the time that I was reading “Woman’s Day” magazine, and there was an article about making YouTube video tutorials.

If you would like to check out “Woman’s Day” magazine subscriptions, here is the direct Amazon affiliate link: Woman’s Day Magazine

If you would like your free Fiesta Ripple Dress “Care Sheet” PDF download, here it is:

Care Instructions Fiesta Ripple Dress

If you would like a Crochet Vintage Potholder Dress “Care Sheet” PDF download, here it is:

Care Instructions Vintage Potholder Dress PDF download

Here is the direct YouTube video tutorial link for my very first crochet potholder dress: Crochet Potholder Hotpad DressI don’t have a PDF written pattern for it yet.


The next crochet potholder dress that I wanted to design was for Easter. I wanted to make a design set that included the crochet dress potholder/hot pad, towel topper, and refrigerator magnet.  Here is the direct link, if you would like to make it: Crochet Easy and Beautiful Vintage Dress Towel Topper Set.  There is no written pattern for this yet.




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In March 2015, this was when Anne messaged me.  She told me that she loved my crochet potholder dresses, and she wanted me to design one with the large loop at the top of the dress for hanging. You will love the idea that I had to make the large loop! Here is the direct link, if you would like to make these: Crochet Vintage Granny Easy Dress Hot pad Potholder Anne’s Style DIY Tutorial. There is no written pattern for these yet.


Anne had a Pinterest page dedicated to only crochet potholder dresses and all of the different designs. She loved the new crochet dress design that I made for her.

The next design that I made had the shells on the sleeves. When I made it, I thought that it would make a wonderful gift to go with a wine bottle, or a Non-alcoholic bottle, as a hostess gift. People loved it! Eventually, I was asked multiple times for a PDF written pattern. I finally decided to write the pattern when I was messaged by CrochetLoverTX. She said that she wanted to make one of these dresses for her ailing mother on Mother’s Day. CrochetLoverTX was able to follow along with the written pattern and told me that she was able to make one for her mother.  If you would like to make it too, here is the direct YouTube video tutorial link: Crochet Wine Vintage Dress Towel Topper Set

The written pattern includes how to make the crochet dress towel topper. Here is the direct Ravelry link for the PDF written pattern: Crochet Wine Dress Potholder PDF Written Pattern




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I love everything about country cottages! So the next adorable dress that I designed was named “Crochet Sunshine Cottage Vintage Potholder Dress Set.” It included the potholder dress, dress towel topper, and the little dress refrigerator magnet. I still have the little dress refrigerator magnet on my dishwasher. The magnet is still holding strong! I designed the armhole shells a little differently on this dress. If you would like to make this dress set, here is the direct link: Crochet Sunshine Cottage Vintage Dress Towel Topper Set DIY tutorial. There is no written pattern for this yet.


Now, Anne approached me again, but this time she asked me if I could design a crochet ripple pattern dress for her. I thought it would be fun to show how to color change with the ripple design too. So, I came up with my Crochet Fiesta Ripple Potholder Dress, and it became my favorite go-to crochet potholder dress for a very long time.  I even made the crochet Fiesta Ripple Dresses for my crochet Easter Rabbits. Eventually, I was asked to write the pattern for this style of dress. Now, there is a written pattern available. If you would like to make this dress, here is the direct link to the YouTube video tutorial: Crochet Quick and Easy Beginner Fiesta Ripple Potholder Hot Pad Dress DIY Tutorial.  If you would like the direct Ravelry link, here it is: Crochet Fiesta Ripple Potholder Dress PDF Written Pattern




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CrochetLoverTX contacted me again via Ravelry, and she asked me if I could write the pattern for the crochet dress with the flared bottom. I hadn’t made this crochet dress since I first made the video tutorial for it years ago.  I decided to re-make the YouTube video tutorial for this crochet ripple potholder dress with the flared bottom because it was a more complicated ripple design.  In the original YouTube video tutorial, I didn’t give stitch counts and even I had to double-check my work for a correct st count. My new and improved YouTube video tutorial gives stitch counts to help you create this beautiful ripple design more easily. There are 2 different crochet techniques that you will learn with this video tutorial and/or written pattern:  How to create the square neck and a different ripple design that gives a wider, more flared, bottom portion for the dress. If you would like to make this style of dress, here is the direct YouTube video tutorial link: Helenmay Crochet Vintage Hotpad Potholder Dress With Flared Bottom DIY Video Tutorial

Here is the direct Ravelry link for the PDF written pattern: Crochet Vintage Ripple Potholder Dress With the Flared Bottom PDF Written Pattern




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I hope that you enjoy making these fun crochet Vintage Potholder Dresses as much as I do!! I use them in my kitchen, and they make wonderful gifts!! They are perfect for selling at craft tables too!!  Happy Crocheting everyone!! Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Helenmay Crochet Hotpad Potholder Dresses”

  1. I just love all of your towel toppers and potholders and hot pads I would like to make some because they are just so cute and I love making new things I am not very good at crocheting things even though I have been crocheting for a good awhile so thank you for sharing your lovely patterns with me I know mine problem want be as good as yours but I can always learn so thank you once again for sharing I am going to try and buy some of them I am all a fixed income so I can problem only buy a little each month.


    1. Hi Elizabeth! Thank you very much! I really appreciate your nice comment!! There are different ways to become a Helenmay Crochet Special Donor Member and you are able to receive 2 free PDF written patterns the year that you are a member. You also get 50% off of any paid PDF written pattern of your choice. All of my YouTube video tutorials are always free for viewers. 🙂


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