Helenmay Crochet Vintage Amigurumi Mexican Donkey


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Most of you know that I take crochet requests from my Helenmay Crochet Special Donor Members. One of my Special Donor Members, Julie Garcia, requested a crochet Donkey. I had completed a crochet donkey a long time ago for a family member. So, I had to dust off the crochet pattern that I designed in the past to make my newest crochet donkey design. I made some modifications to the original design, and I absolutely love how my crochet donkeys turned out!! They are just too adorable! Thank you Julie for this wonderful Crochet request!


My family member, that originally requested that I make a crochet donkey for their friend, has 2 donkeys!


“Sugar” is on the left and “Spike” is on the right in the picture above. Here is their story:

 In the picture are “Sugar” and “Spike.” My family members adopted them, and here is what they told me: “These guys were adopted from the Humane Society of Fort Worth in 2011. They were with 18 other donkeys roaming wild in Johnson County (We had a drought that year and people who could not afford hay or to water their pastures abandoned many livestock that year). These were the last 2 to be adopted. Had I not adopted them they would have been sent to the glue factory in Oklahoma. Sugar and Spike love oats, apples, and carrots for treats. Every once in a while they get some bread or even a sugar cookie! Donkeys kill snakes and keep coyotes away! Plus they are excellent alarm systems. They bray (like a dog barking) and let me know when someone or something out of the ordinary is in my yard. Mine get along with my dogs.”
I love it!! Sugar and Spike get a lot of love!!!!! They are so smart too!!”
If you would like to purchase my PDF Crochet Donkey written pattern on Ravelry, here is the direct link: Helenmay Crochet Vintage Amigurumi Mexican Donkey PDF written pattern 
Here is the free PDF download for the Donkey Eye Diagram Cut-Outs:
YouTube video tutorial breakdown: Part 1 to Part 3 completes the crochet donkey, Part 4 shows how to crochet the dimple covers for the moveable legs, and Part 5 shows how to make all of the donkey accessories: Sombrero, Serape blanket, and baskets with straps.
Here is the YouTube video tutorial link for part 1: Helenmay Crochet Vintage Amigurumi Mexican Donkey Part 1.
Here is the YouTube video tutorial link for part 2: Helenmay Crochet Vintage Amigurumi Mexican Donkey Part 2 DIY Video Tutorial
If you would like the link for the Crochet Freeform pattern that I used for my large Crochet Mustang Horses, here is the direct blog link:

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