Crochet Large Labrador Retriever Amigurumi Dog


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A friend of mine recently asked me if I could crochet a Labrador Retriever dog for her friend that recently lost her beautiful brown Labrador dog named “Mink.”


My friend wanted to pay me for the crochet work, but we both thought it would be better to donate the money to my friend’s favorite charity in memory of “Mink.” My friend chose the following charity in memory of “Mink”:


If you would like to check out the Freedom Service Dogs of America, click here, for the non-affiliate link, or the picture above.

If you would like the Crochet PDF written pattern for my crochet lab dog, here is the direct Ravelry link: Crochet large Amigurumi Labrador Retriever Dog Written Pattern

I have a step-by-step Free YouTube video tutorial showing how to crochet a large amigurumi Labrador Retriever Dog:

Part 1 YouTube video tutorial:

Part 2 YouTube video tutorial:

Part 3 YouTube video tutorial:


For my crochet Lab Dog “Mink,” I purchased a L/XL real pet outfit, but if you would like to make a crochet pet outfit, there is the step-by-step YouTube video tutorial.  You will learn the crochet snapdragon stitch with this tutorial as well!

Part 1:

Part 2:

I also made a crochet large pet outfit for my crochet large Siberian Husky Dog, but it also would fit your large crochet lab dog! The tutorial can be found here:

If you would like to make the crochet Paw applique, here is the direct blog link: Crochet Dog Paw Applique Blog Post



If you like the crochet dimple covers that I used, I used the same pattern that I used for my Crochet Large Mustang Horse. You can find the link on that blog post.

If you like the gorgeous flower on the front of the body, I used the Bonus Rozeta flower pattern!

I made a product pricing sheet for “Mink” the crochet Lab dog, if you would like to see it, here is the free PDF download:

lab product pricing sheet

If you need a blank, product pricing sheet, here is the direct blog link:

Free Product Pricing sheet blank page


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