My Favorite Crochet Pattern Links from Other Crochet Designers Series!


The links below are not affiliates. In my private, but free, Facebook group, I sometimes share some of my favorite crochet pattern links that are from other crochet designers. One day, Leslie P. said: “I love the free patterns you share. When possible could you tell us when those patterns are available on other sites in addition to Ravelry, such as a website or blog?” I responded that I thought that was a wonderful idea and that I would start a blog post series for the crochet pattern links.

Check back with this site periodically for more crochet pattern additions!

Before we begin, I wanted to share some of my direct links:

  1. Helenmay Crochet YouTube Channel Fun and FREE step-by-step how to crochet video tutorials. It is free to subscribe! Please hit the bell notification for updates:
  2. You are already familiar with my blog link, but you may like these direct links on my blog too! Helenmay Crochet Special Donor Member for the year 2020 Special Benefits!!!  also Crochet Granny Square Series with so many fun crochet granny square patterns!!  You may like my Top Crochet Designers and pattern recommendations Series!
  3. Ravelry direct link:
  4. Public Facebook Page: Public Facebook Group where anyone can visit and message me!
  5. Private Facebook Group. Free to join for more crochet fun! The group files are free too! Helenmay Crochet Private Facebook Group

There are many ways to save your crochet written patterns. If you are wondering how I store my crochet patterns, I have 2 separate external hard drives that I back up my patterns on to. I plan on eventually printing some/most of them and making handmade crochet pattern journals that will include separate memory sticks in. I want to pass them down for my family one day.  You never know who will get the crochet bug… 🙂

Some of my favorite crochet written pattern links from other Crochet Designers list:

  1. Vintage Vibes Baby Beanie by The Crochet Fix

Once you visit her Ravelry site, check out her Vintage Vibes Baby Blanket and Shawl too! She also has some other beautiful crochet patterns that you can check out on her Ravelry site!


2. Maria’s Blue Crayon Chevron Blanket


If you have leftover yarn colors after your Tunisian Crochet Under The Sea Mystery CAL 2020, this is another fun Scrapghan pattern you could make!

3. We all LOVE Crochet Fingerless Mittens! Check out these Crochet Criss Cross Fingerless Gloves by Pattern Paradise!


You may also like my Crochet Heavenly Blessing Scarf Set that includes gorgeous crochet Fingerless or Flip Mittens!


4. Anybody that follows my site knows how much I love crochet bunnies!! I thought this crochet bunny by Elin Werner was absolutely adorable! She was offering this as a FREE PDF download on Ravelry as of 30Jan20.


If you would like to check out my crochet bunny rabbits, here are some direct blog links for you:

Crochet Large Bunny Rabbit

All of my crochet rabbit fun up to 2018

Learn Filet Crochet as you make this crochet rabbit kitchen hot pad!!

5.  Crochet Koala Keychain PDF written pattern by Fay Lyth was available for free Ravelry download as of 30Jan20. I thought that it was adorably cute!


6. I am signed up to receive emails from Willow Yarns. You may want to sign up too! I haven’t tried their yarn yet, but I love some of their free Crochet PDF Written Patterns that they share for free! You may like these adorable Crochet Strawberry Shortcake Baby Sandals!! There were also a couple of beautiful crochet baby blanket PDF written patterns that I loved!



7. This was one of my favorite Free CALs for the year 2019 by Cute Crochet Makes!  She works so hard on her gorgeous crochet designs! It would be nice if you click on her “buy me coffee” link. 🙂 She has another gorgeous follow-up that a lot of us are waiting for her to release, so you may want to follow her too.



8. Gorgeous Secret Paths Shawl PDF Written pattern by Johanna Lindahl Mijo crochet Website:


You may also like this crochet shawl by Johanna Lindahl. The following is a paid PDF written pattern on Ravelry:  Crochet Pennyroyal Shawl.


9. Sensory Stripe Baby Blanket by Zoe Potrac. This PDF written pattern was free as of 31Jan20. When I first saw this crochet blanket, I thought of Twiddle Muffs! If you aren’t sure what a Twiddle Muff is, you may want to check out my YouTube video tutorial that shows how I made my Twiddle Muffs:

You could easily use some of the crochet stitches that you learn in this written pattern by Zoe Potrac to create different Twiddle Muffs!

10. Catherine crochet wristies on “Haakmaarraak” are simply stunning!! You can find a matching crochet cowl for it too on the site:



11. Yarnspirations Crochet Velvet Valentine Bear PDF written pattern. This pattern was available for free download on 2Feb20:

velvet valentine crochet bear

You may like my Crochet Sleepy Bear YouTube video tutorial too:

12. I saw this adorable FREE crochet baby blanket PDF written pattern for the “Lux Baby Blanket by Hobbii” and I thought it would be great for a crochet gift I need to make in the future!


I have some fun crochet baby blanket YouTube video tutorials, if you would like to check them out too! Here is the direct blog link: Helenmay Crochet Baby Blanket links.

13. Look at these Amigurumi Valentine Koala Cuties! These are by Tarturumies and there is a Free PDF version that you can download. The way the pattern is written is a little different, but if you have made amigurumi before, you should be able to follow along easily:


If you would like to check out my large Crochet Amigurumi Koalas with the Crochet Baby Koala, here is the direct blog link: Helenmay Crochet Amigurumi Koala and Baby Koala


14. Crochet Heart Mittens by Maria Yakushkina Free Ravelry PDF download as of 3Feb20. I love the hearts on the back of these warm crochet mittens!!!


15. Handy Clutch Purse aka The Dignity Purse by Peppergoose Crochet!!!  Free PDF download on Ravelry as of 5Feb20.



16.  I couldn’t believe that I found all of these free PDF Crochet Written Pattern Downloads on Ravelry as of 5Feb20!!!! They are so adorably cute! Enjoy! I found then in the Caroline Kross Ravelry store:

You may like my Bumble Bee too!

17. Aegean Dreams by Zoe Potrac Afghan with triangles!! It has a matching pillow too. There are 3 options for this afghan: pattern with yarn, yarn and cushion pad and pattern, or just the free PDF written pattern. You have to change the option to the one that you want.  I don’t have a picture of this beautiful beginner crochet blanket.

I also like the Starry Night Blanket and Cushion Set by Zoe Potrac:

18. Perfect for Valentines Day! Draiguna’s Sweetheart Soiree Crochet Doilie!!!!


19. Crochet Arrow Cropped Sweater by Catalina Ungureanu! It is gorgeous!


20. Patrina Hollis New V-Land Scarf


21. Connie Sleep Cap by Leesa’s Knotty Corner

I love this pattern by Leesa because she wrote it in 3 different sizes: preschool, child, and adult. She even provides a free sizing chart in the written pattern!


22. The Birds Pattern Mochila Bag by Priscilla Bradburn.


23. Chibi Usagi Amigurumi by Alexandra Boonstra.


24. Edlothia pattern by Jasmine Rasanen


25. Ariel Snowflake by Irina Maleeva


26.  Poppy Crochet Rabbit Design:


27. Chip & Dale Crochet Pattern by Irene Kiss:


28. Magic Cinderella Crochet Pattern by Irene Kiss:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


29.  The Guy with a Hook Baby Groot Portrait.


30. Crochet cat pattern by Sachiyo Ishii designer from Deramores site:

Remember to change the purchase to digital pattern only, unless you want to pay for the kit. If you only want the free PDF written pattern you have to change the purchase request for pattern only.


31. Kitty Cat Crochet Couches.  This is a paid PDF written pattern for a low price.




32. Thistle and Clover Shawl by Amy B Stitched 

There is a free PDF download for this beautiful crochet pattern on the Amy B Stitched website. Scroll down to the free pattern on her blog to find it.


33. Cuarto Throw by Luz Higdon Free PDF Ravelry download


34. Pipizzuella Crochet on Ravelry

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

35. Unicorn Beanie Pattern by M and M Crochet Designs


36. Sola Doll pattern by Amani Adel.


I will continue to add some of my favorite crochet written patterns as I find them! Enjoy and Happy Crocheting!!!! Last updated 06June20.




3 thoughts on “My Favorite Crochet Pattern Links from Other Crochet Designers Series!”

  1. So many awesome patterns on this list! Thank you for putting them on your blog! For the ones you found on Ravelry, do you know if they are also available on the designer’s websites?


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